Bringing light into the darkness on Halloween.


Hot information vs. cold information.

The Medium Is the Message means is that the choice of media creates a stage for what follows. Hot media creates space for hot communication; cool media creates space for cool communication. Hot media heats things up; cool media cools things down.

The Gartner Hype Cycle is … hype.

The Hype Cycle is a compelling story — but that’s not the same as “empirically reliable.”

Entrepreneurial talk.

We all have our answers for what drives us. Entrepreneurship feeds my passion in three distinct ways: one is the freedom to nurture a dream, to share it and to take responsibility for making it happen. Two is the relentless intellectual challenges, the pressure, the adrenaline. Three, and most important, is the opportunity to meet amazing and uplifting people.

The culture of busyness is getting out of hand.

An illegal odyssey.


Outrage on the rise.

How the satisfactions of outrage affect our politics, our communities, and our minds.

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Masayoshi Son.

The guy behind Softbank (& wework).

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