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What is a Tech Company?

Ben Thompson goes after the buzzword..

Venture capitalist fund tech companies, which are characterized by a zero marginal cost component that allows for uncapped returns on investment.

PS: WeWork is no Tech Company.

On the recent moves in the HP corporation.

Why more and more consumers turn their back on the big social networks and go niche.


The role of private label products in retail.

Private-label products currently account for much larger shares of sales for brick-and-mortar stores than they do for online retailers. $17 out of every $100 spent in American brick-and-mortar stores goes to private-label brands, while online, private-label products make up only 3 percent of sales of packaged goods. But private labels’ share of online spending has been on the rise, more than doubling in the past two years.

Puma built it’s own retail version of Disneyland.


Dynamic pricing as sustainable and fair concept?

Putting a price on urban services, and using technology to ensure those prices reflect their true cost and value, will likely become more common.

The somewhat clever and somewhat confusing history of naming iPhones.

Neil Young VS. Music Streaming.

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