Moats, Valuations, Circles.


Moats are helping businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

One of the strategic tasks of an innovator is to deter imitation for as long as possible. This applies not just to companies in established markets, but to startups that are creating new markets.

From VC-funded high valuations to medium-high valuations.

…it is not the losses that these companies made in the most recent year that are the primary concern, it is that there seems to be no tangible plan, other than growth and hand waving on economies of scale, to put these companies into the plus column on profits.

Bluntly put, the pricing offered by venture capitalists for private companies must place scaling success over sound business models, over-the-top total addressable markets over plausible ones and founder entrenchment over good corporate governance.

How to ruin your company with bad sales practice.

The falls of the former vacuum cleaner producer Hoover.


A refreshed Volkswagen Logo.

The really fun thing, though, is that this new design flagrantly breaks Volkswagen's own trade mark rules on how the logo should be drawn.

Days spent in phone-charging-cycles.


Seth Godin on Google’s '“Don’t Be Evil” Philosophy.

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