Shallow headlines - deep productivity.

More and more productivity tools.

…every application category is getting rebuilt as a web application, allowing continuous development, deployment, version tracking and collaboration.

In parallel, everything now has to be native to collaboration, and so the model of a binary file saved to a file share will generally go away over time (this could be done with a native PC app, but in practice generally won’t be). So, we have some generational changes, and that also tends to create new companies.

Headlines vs. Books

Habits are tied to identities. So the goal should be to convert the identities of wanna-be readers into full-fledged bag-o-books readers. Our goal is not to get someone to read a single book, but become a reader.

Retail’s death in the middle.

The lack of innovation and risk taking is catching up with all these retailers that watched the last 20 years happen to them. It’s death in the middle.

All those that are drowning in a sea of sameness need to make a run for the edges. Or, like many before them, it will be a run to the exits.

Stockholm is making waves in the energy bizz.

There’s something bizarrely perfect about the potential of the biochar process. A technique that transforms plant waste into a form of charcoal, biochar production both creates a long-lasting carbon sink and acts as an environmentally sustainable soil additive that greatly increases the productivity of agricultural land.

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