Things to read this October.

Disruption theory equals bad advice?

Compared to the legacy systems that preceded them, this is modular competition! The tech community is continually reshuffling itself, finding new combinations of apps, endpoints and real-world assets that serve users in new, creative ways to remove friction and bypass incumbent cost structures. The whole mobile ecosystem, starting with the most demanding customers, is clearing space for new business models and product offerings in a way that incumbents have a hard time responding to. It’s disruption, except the disruptors don’t look like disruptors.

Up’s and Down’s in the bike-sharing-economy.

Many founders are afraid of a sound sales strategy.

At its best, sales is not only a large revenue driver, but also a way to get customer feedback and input back to the team. It should drive rapid revenue growth while feeding your team competitive intelligence, customer concerns, feature requests, and other insights from the field. These can help drive business strategy, product roadmaps, and your ultimate success as a company.

The head of the Talking Heads on car’s in cities.

Good automation bad automation.

When software is described as “auto-”, “smart”, or “intelligent” it means that somebody else put their rules into it.

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